DId you know leasing an ice machine could help do this...

Check out this pic of one of the recently completed WEFTA projects in Honduras. When you lease a machine with Iceworks, your first month’s payment goes directly to WEFTA to help fund projects like this! Learn more about this particular job at https://www.wefta.net/2018/12/22/bringing-safe-drinking-water-to-rural-communities-in-honduras/, and about our Make Ice | Give Water campaign at www.iceworksNM.com/makeicegivewater.

Iceworks - Make Ice | Give Water

Manitowoc receives 2019 NRA Kitchen Innovation Award...

Manitowoc is the brand of choice for us here at Iceworks, and there have been some very cool developments with their products over the last year.

Manitowoc’s Indigo NXT product line packages production and efficiency together in producing approximately 50 lbs. more ice daily, at an average of 11% greater efficiency than other machines that use R404a refrigerant. The line’s rotary compressors and environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant are the secrets behind these advances. Neither of these products have been used before in U.S. icemaking, and the improvements earned Manitowoc a 2019 NRA Innovation award.

So when it’s time for your next ice machine, give us a call and learn how you can get one of these great green machines on lease.


ABQ Journal Article on WEFTA

The Albuquerque Journal published a cool article this month on our partner in the Make Ice | Give Water campaign… WEFTA! Check it out by following this link… https://www.abqjournal.com/1255085/faucet.html?utm_source=email-a-story&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=email-a-story

You can learn more about our Make Ice | Give Water campaign by visiting us at http://www.iceworksnm.com/makeicegivewater/

Iceworks WEFTA.jpg

Is your ice machine Energy Star qualified?

Having an inefficient ice machine can run up your electric or water bill, causing your cost of ownership to skyrocket. At Iceworks, the Manitowoc/Koolaire equipment we lease has 14 different models that qualify as Energy Star rated, ensuring you receive the most efficient equipment on the market as part of you lease. Visit us at www.iceworksNM.com to learn how you can ditch your old machine and get a new Energy Star leased machine today!

Iceworks Energy Star.png

Wahoo Santa Fe!

Travel + Leisure just named Santa Fe as their Reader's Choice Destination of the Year. Santa Fe beat out Slovenia and Norway in a not-so-close race. Congrats to all our friends and customers up there who help make Santa Fe the destination it is! You can read the full article on Travel + Leisure's site at http://www.travelandleisure.com/destination-of-the-year/readers-choice.


Get rid of slime!

Want to get rid of slime in your ice machine? Here are three good ways:

  • Luminice Growth Inhibitor - for Manitowoc machines, this unit runs 24/7 to prevent slime build-up.
  • Everpure Water Filters - reduce sediment, protect against scale and slime, all in one cartridge. 
  • BioZone IceZone - like the Luminice, but an aftermarket add-on for any machine, this thing will help kill slime, mold, yeast, bacteria and other impurities. 

Check out our website (www.iceworksnm.com) today to learn more about these products and how you could stop worrying about and messing with your ice machine through our all-inclusive leasing programs! 

What do you do when your ice machine breaks?

Did you know that with any Iceworks ice machine lease, breakdown ice deliveries are included at no additional charge? That means even if your machine breaks, you never have to worry about running out of ice... simply call us, and we take care of the rest. Visit our website at www.iceworksnm.com to learn more about how our leasing program could relieve you from ever having to worry about ice again.